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  • Parade - bring together uniformed personnel, standards, veterans and youth organisations to parade at the start of the event

  • Drum Head - hold a short service to commemorate and remember

  • VIPs - dignitaries will be invited to take part and a leading officer or civic dignatory will take the salute

  • Presentations - we will help facilitate any formal medla presentations, where we can.



  • Military Assets - we will always try to arrange for a presence from our armed forces

  • Education - have stands from the Armed Forces to inform an educate the public on what our forces do and to provide information on future careers

  • Entertainment - where possible, we will provide entertainment from the armed forces community

  • Family - the event will be family friendly and should be suitable for forces families.



  • Vintage vehicles - we will try to host a number of vintage vehicles for the parade and static display

  • Rides - we aim to have one of the major funfair companies for each event

  • Local - one of our aims is to be as local as possible and include as many local acts, singers, enetertainers as possible

  • For all - we need to make the event multi-generational with something for all age groups.



  • Locality - cadet and youth groups will be selected from the local area

  • Education - our aim is to try and bring an element of learning for young people

  • Entertainment - we will always try and include younger people in our entertainment choices

  • Presentations - we will help units with formal presentations, where possible.



  • We aim to be close to a town centre to assist local traders

  • The event location should be accessible to the general public with good public transport links

  • Our event will rotate locations to include as many people as possible

  • Our event must have local support.

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